Why spray your weeds?

Firstly they don’t look great! When uncontrolled they can also cause a great deal of damage to hard surfaces and structures. They can lift slabs, blocks and paving with ease and they can quickly destroy tarmac. Prevention is better than cure. Prevention is pretty inexpensive.
Cure can prove very costly…

Why use us?

We Spray Any Drive are specialists in keeping your driveway, patio and paths weed and moss free all year round. Thats all we do and we do it well!
It’s because we specialise and carefully manage our visits that we can keep our costs down and prices low – usually lower than the DIY alternative!
We use the finest staff, equipment and consumables in the industry to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. We find that happy customers and smart drives are our best forms of advertising.
Whether you want a one-off treatment or year round peace of mind we can offer a tailored package to suit your needs and budget.